CowsWe are a cafe based in Kings Place, specialising in honest, seasonal food. We have our own farm. From our farm we receive all the beef and lamb that features at our carvery station and many of our hot dishes, which change on a regular basis. The meat is hung and butchered here at Kings Place by our butcher Claus, a real rarity in the cafe world. Elsewhere we offer homemade cakes made fresh every morning by our own baker, as well as hand-roasted coffee and freshly made sandwiches and salads. A one-stop shop if you will, for those in need of some good old sustenance.

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OUR FARMButchery 4

Our commitment to quality starts with the food we source. All our beef and lamb is exclusively sourced from Corneyside Farm in Northumberland. All of the animals are born on the farm, hand-reared and grass-fed on naturally fertilized land. The animals are allowed to roam over fields of grass woven with herbs and clover and grow at their own pace until the farmer judges them to be ready for slaughter.

The cattle and lamb are then delivered to us three days after they have been slaughtered where the former is hung on the bone in our hanging room at Kings Place for a minimum of 32 days before being butchered on site by Claus, our butcher. The lamb takes a little less time to tenderise and usually spends 14 days in the hanging before being butchered.

This beef and lamb is used throughout our menus, from our hot carvery station and regular currys and chillis, to many of our sandwiches and soups.


Home Made Cakes


Green & Fortune’s baker spends the day creating delicious homemade cakes and sweets to ensure that we have plenty of variety every day. Homemade cookies, flapjacks, brownies, mini grab bags, carrot cake and fruit loafs have become some of our classics which you can always find at our patisserie counter. Our baker is one of the first in the building each day, making sure that by breakfast there are range of fresh treats for you to enjoy.

You can order your favourite Green & Fortune cakes to takeaway – perfect for a Friday afternoon office celebration, or birthday! Whether it’s chocolate, Victoria sponge, one of our cookie bundles or a little bit of everything, we’ve got the cakes to make your day great! To see our selection, feel free to browse the Cakeaway book, which can be found at the cafe. To place your order, simply fill in an order form from the cafe and hand it to a member of staff, or call Cecily on 020 7014 2849.



OUR COFFEEHand Roasted

Coffee’s important isn’t it? We love it. So do Steve & Jeremy at Union Coffee, a small, local firm whose beans we are proud to stock.  You can rest assured that the coffee you’ll be drinking from us has been grown in happy farms across Guatemala, Kenya, Costa Rica and Sumatra, then hand-roasted by the Union guys and their team here in London.

Their skilled evaluation and careful selection of coffee beans is essential to high quality. However, it’s their artisan roasting in East London, where they produce fresh roasted coffee everyday, that develops its distinctive flavour. They roast by-hand, not computer.

Once here, the beans are ground and your coffee lovingly made by head barista, Davide di Sante, and his team. Davide is incredibly knowledgeable about coffee and has a true talent and passion for producing the best quality coffee.



Our dedication to quality ingredients and seasonal food can be seen throughout our entire menus. All our chickens, turkeys and ducks are from Swainson House Farm in Goosnargh. Since the 1960’s, the chickens have been slow-grown on a totally natural diet without additives, growth promoters or antibiotics. The poultry run around in large airy barns which are 50% larger than government regulations. We only buy whole animals which are then butchered specifically for our menus.

Fish is supplied to us by Chapmans of Sevenoaks. All the fish we buy is caught from the English coast and is collected straight from the quayside and then transported to the preparation facility before being sent to us. None of the fish comes from a central market. We receive daily landing sheets of what the boats have caught, and we then buy the best, freshest fish available, ensuring a sustainable way of purchasing truly seasonal fish.